Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 7 - Congrats Jenny and Justin

Ola Mae e Todos pessoas,

How is everybody doing? Hope all is going well. Congrats Jenny and Justin. Whose next to get married?

So today my district helped clean the temple. It was so cool. All I did was sit around because I was security. I actually had my own badge and everything. It was pretty LEGIT. All the rooms are getting new lamps. The sealing rooms are huge!!!! It’s all crystal and it is really cool.

Hey mom, have you sent that package with my shoes in it? if not, can you send pictures of when Logan was at our house and of the fourth of July? I really want some. And if you send me that 4GB memory can you make sure you send my other one too?. The one I have in my camera now is 2GB. So if you sent it it would be awesome.

Go HOLLAND!!!! Make sure you write DearElder like immediately after the game so I know about it. I am wearing my Holland soccer jersey right. I gotta represent.

We taught a lesson in all portuguese on Thursday. It went really good. The guy was in the army and went to Iraq with someone from Fort Hood. We talked about it, ALL in portuguese. It was awesome. That was probally one of the best things this week. We started only talking in the language only in class this week. It is hard but it is coming along.

In about a week I should get my flight plans for when I go to Africa. I am so excited to go. I can’t wait. Our teacher who went to Mozambique said his first night in Mozambique he heard gunfire... creepy right? But he also said that the apartments aren't even really bad. They have plumbing, electricity, and a fridge. and thats a lot more than most people have. So I am not too worried about it. Our teacher said we will probably fly to England. And we will have like a six hour layover there. That is kind of what he did.

Time here is flying by here so fast. It is crazy! I have been here six and a half weeks already!

This week we got 8 new people going to Mozambique. 8 more!! Africa is growing so much. 17 days left.

Someone friom the Victor Falls Ward came in on Wednesday. His name is Scott Milburn. He is going to Guatemala. I see Allen Swanson everyday. It is pretty cool.

Other than that nothing has really happened. Just really eating and studying.

I love you guys. and congrats Jenny!!

-Elder Sirrine