Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week 11 - My First Week In Mozambique - I LOVE IT!

Hi Dad, Mom, and family,

I hope everything is going well in the states.

So my Companions name is Elder Call. He is from Bountiful Utah. Guess what? After this transfer, he is going to Angola. So I lose him after one transfer. It’s sad but it’s awesome at the same time. It was funny. Like five minutes before He got the call that he was going, we seriously were talking about how cool it would be to go. So it was kind of Ironic too.

So here in Mozambique, the drivers are crazy. Take like New York or la and times it by like 50. There driving all over the place, driving on the wrong side of the road. It’s scary. They have trucks that have like 30 people in the back going like 60 MPH. and people just walk right in front of cars and just pretty much do whatever they want. I am afraid I would hit somebody if I drove.

So on Saturday, we attended 4 people’s baptisms. None of them were from our district. But it was really awesome and really spiritual. Here in Mozambique, the Elders don’t do the Baptisms. They have members do it so they build unity with the members. It kind of sucks but it makes sense.

The culture here is crazy. Like when you come from the states you’re in shock and awe. Like I still am and I have been here almost a week. I can’t really even explain how it is.

In magoanine, we have a really solid branch. We 35 branch missionaries in it. Crazy right? We haven’t even gone tracting yet. We get all our referrals from the members.

So on Thursday I was waiting in the mission home for my Comp to come from Beira. That’s up north. And so we were going to do splits. And my comp was supposed to show up during it. So all the other missionaries left to go. I waited in the mission home until 10 at night. So I didn’t even go on one. So that kind of bites but oh well. Nothing I can do about it. Pretty much like the first two days in Mozambique were in the mission home.

So the plane rides were crazy long. We had 27 hours of plane rides and with layovers we a total of 37 hours of traveling. That’s without the time change. I am 9 hours ahead of Washington.

Magoanine is like a Desert. There is sand, sand, sand, and more sand. Every night I have to dump sand out of my shoes. But I love it here. My comp and I live with two other companionships. One is the zone leaders. They are Elder Dunn, from Rexburg, and elder Marlon from Utah. The other is Elder Master Don from Utah, and Elder Jamba from Laonda Angola. They all great and really cool guys.

For laundry, we have a Maquina de llavar ropa. or a washing machine at our house. it spins around one way, stops, goes the other way. It’s cool

Sister Spendlove put me on a diet plan. She expects me to be 10 pounds lighter before this transfer. The Spendloves are health freaks to the max. and vegetarians. But they still awesome. On Saturday for dinner, I had an apple and some cornflakes. Good aint it? That’s the kind of food here. But for lunch, all the elders come back and one makes food for everybody. They have a store here called Shoprite. It has everything we need.

Yesterday I had my first encounter wither a drunken guy. It was funny. He was trying to have us come inside and stuff. His wife or whatever was like don’t listen to him, has stupid. Ha-ha. I guess we have a lot of them here. There are little shacks that sell alcohol to anybody. All day and night.

There is a family called a familia do santo. They are awesome. There members and we were at their house last night. The father is learning English so we help him.

Other than that things are going good here in Magoanine. Until Next week.

-Elder Sirrine