Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hi Mom and everybody!


Alright, I leave the MTC July 26th,or a week from monday. My flights are from Salt Lake to LA. I leave Salt Lake at 4:51 Utah time, but I get to LA at 5:44. So that’s a two hour flight. Then I am there for about three and a half hours. So mom expect a call sometime during then. Then I leave LA at 9:20 LA time and go non-stop to London Heathrow. Packing some sleeping pills for that flight. I land there at 3:30 there time. So I don’t know the time difference so mom can you tell me. I will probably will call you there too. and thats Tuesday the 27th I get there. than I leave London For Johannesburg at 6:15 London time. And I get to South Africa at 605 South African time. I am there until 9:45 than take off to Maputo and on from there. So expect some calls mom.

Besides the memory card can you send some pictures of like when Logan was there and if you have any of Bella too? if you dont have them than its no big deal. Have you gotten my line of authority and if you have can you send that and the memory card I sent home too.

When your in Arizona can you have like Grandma and some other relatives write on dear elder. i would really love that.

And don’t feel too bad about not writing. I know your busy so its all good. In like a week im going too be sending home a Mozambique shirt I ordered from the bookstore with writing from people who are in my district on it. and I got like presidential coins from the vending machines here and I am going to send them home so maybe dad can get a book for them to hold them. Does Michelle still need new scriptures?. I can get them here for like 40 bucks. so if she does I can get them.

We taught the plan of salvation this week all in Portuguese. It went mais o menos. It was our first time teaching it so it was kinda expected. The pounds just keep on adding it seems here. I have probably gained a total of like eight pounds here. It is ridiculous. I play softball for gym most of the time and it reminds me of when I played in little league.

If people send me letters this week, like handwritten ones they should probally write in the mission adress not the MTC one unless it’s like early this week. So with all that stuff your going to send me you probally send it like Monday or Tuesday.

Other than that, life in the CTM, I mean MTC,(thinking in portuguese) is all the same. Eating, studying, and sleeping. thats been my life for almost eight weeks.

We all still get along great here too. I am learning patience.

I love you all,


-Elder Sirrine