Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 9 - Final P-day in the MTC

Hi Everybody

So when I fly to LA I will be on Delta. but going to London and to South Africa i will be on British Airways. Then from South Africa I will be on South African Airlines. I get to LA at like 5:44 washington time so I think I wll call like 6:15 6:30 ish. Just so you know.

Well so far today I have been just packing really> Getting excited for my long trip to Mozambique. I also just got my haircut too. Tommorow in class we are going to have a "culture" day with our teacher who went to Mozambique. He is going to show us pictures and talk about Mozambique. He is going to show us a video of him and his companions hunting a rat in his apartment. He said that will happen...a lot.

The language is coming along fine. This week we have been reviewing everything we have done. i realized when I speak it I use all those things without thinking about it.

And thanks for the new shoes mom. Now i have a total of 4 pairs of shoes. The ones where the insole was all busted up I got new insoles from the library here and put them in there. But the 2 shoes I already had are already getting worn down. I will use one pair of hush puppies and one of the old ones. when the old one gets completely done, I will switch both pairs of shoes and do the same thing. Then I will just wear the hush puppies.

I sent home a package with stuff I do not really need. I mailed it this morning so it will probally get home like Wednesday or Thursday ish. Please be prepared for that.

Yesterday in the TRC, thats where we teach people, someone who went to Mozambique who is really skinny said he has gained 22 pounds since being home. He has been home like 9 months. And he is still a stick. So I think I will most definately be losing weight in Africa.

And did you send those memory cards? if not no big deal.

Other than that this week has been the same. This time next week I will be teaching people and bringing them on the right path to exaltion and closer unto Christ. Wish me luck!!!!


Com amo,
-Elder Sirrine