Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 40


I will be making my home for another six weeks here in Chimoio. Transfer number 4, and number 6 for me on the mission. Time goes by way too fast and I can’t believe I hit my 9 month mark on the mission this week. My old comp, Elder Bene the Mozambiquan who I walked with for 2 transfers, is going to Maputo because he is going to Angola. So that is comp number three going there. I think it’s a curse I have. If you are companions with Elder Sirrine you’re going to Angola. My new comp is Elder Baldwin from Utah. Out of the 7 comps I have had 5 are from the Salt Lake Valley. Crazy, Right?

The language is coming along great. Every day for 12 weeks I only spoke Portuguese, but now I will be speaking English a lot. There will 5 Americans in our house, and 1 native who speaks English. So it will be an English speaking house. I am leveling off with weight I think. I like where I am now. But I don’t really know if I still am or not. And whatever shirts you sent me will be perfectly fine mom. When did you send the package? And with the Christmas package, I think they are GONE!! I kind of have given up hope on them in all honesty.

Last Monday might, we had a family night at a members house. It was so fun. I will send pictures. The person who went home last week is from Portugal. And his last day at home he made food called " franzacinas". Pretty much its bread that is stuffed with meat, cheese, eggs, and completely covered with more cheese. And there was this sauce for it too. It was so European, but it seemed very American at the same time with how bad it was for you. Ha-ha

We went to an investigators house, and she was doing something to her friend’s hair, and she stopped to sit with us. and her friend was like "Voce esta fazer o que, Nao faca coisas estupidas, e me ajuda!!! e nao senta-se com eles" in english she said "what are you doing, don’t do stupid things, and help me. Dont sit with them". So we thought “yeah let’s re-mark and leave" she tried to apologize. She was drunk so yeah. It was pretty funny.

I also spoke some dialect with the older women here. They think it’s so funny when a white person speaks it. I love messing with them. And they always think I’m Russian. Which is very weird. only here am i called that.

We also saw some Michael Jackson music videos this week. They were really.... what should I say..... strange? To say Michael Jackson in Portuguese is Miquel Joaoquim.
Our energy on Friday was at half power all day. It was so weird.

I also ordained someone to the priesthood yesterday for the first time in my life. It was really awesome to ordain him

Well that’s about it this week. Hope you all have a good week. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Elder Sirrine