Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 38


GO GREEN BAY!!!! Next year the cowboys will be there for sure. Ha-ha

Normally, I try not to think how much time I have on the mission. Ha-ha

Well about the calling, ha-ha, I thought it was hilarious too. But the kids here in Chimoio are so cool. I love them all. About the lessons, if you just want to email them, you can, but sending like a book through the mail, I don’t think it would be worth it because I might be leaving here soon, and we will call an actual president soon.

Last p-day, at two o´clock, all six of us went to sleep. We all took naps for two hours. It may seem boring to you, but it was actually pretty funny. Ha-ha.

That night, our power went out. Normally it comes back soon after, but it didn’t. That night it was 100% humidity, and about 90 degrees. Worst night of my life. I really was going to die. Our air conditioners weren’t working because of the whole no energy thing. Pretty bad.

I also found some lollipops that are ridiculously good here. I’m kind of addicted.

Yesterday I gave 5 baptismal interviews. 5! It’s one whole family that will be baptized. The mom has completely given up smoking and drinking. She was smoking 5-6 packs a day, and drinking every day. Amazing change.

The assistants to the president are here. They will be here for a couple days to train us.

At one of our teenage investigators house, he brought 5 of his friends that want to hear the gospel. We don’t ever knock doors. People just come to us. I think it’s the Sirrine-VanderHoeven genes coming off and making them come. Ha-ha.

Today, we are climbing Cabe├ža do velho, or old man’s head. It’s a mountain here that looks just like an old man’s head. Hence the name. Ha-ha.

I realized this month is shorter than any other on my mission.

Thanks for the recipe mom. I will cook it soon.

That’s about it. I love you All!!!!!

Elder Sirrine