Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 39


I am so happy for her it’s crazy. Ha-ha. You all will be some empty nesters. Can you tell Michelle to start emailing me again? Ha-ha. I will send her one tonight.

The work here in Mozambique is going great. We had 5 baptisms here in Chimoio. One whole family, and then the brother of a member. None of them are from my area. But we will have 3 people baptized the 26 of February.

The very first other elder I saw at the airport here in Mozambique, is living here in Chimoio with me, and he goes home this week. So it will be pretty sad to see him going home.

I also saw a wild turtle going down the road. We aren’t even close to the ocean. Maybe he was here in Chimoio because of the rain. Ha-ha. He was a small guy.

The assistants to the president were here in Chimoio all week. They went on splits with us. It was actually kind of weird to walk with white people again. I am so used to walking with a native mozambiquan already. Ha-ha.

This Friday is transfers so next week I will let you know what happens.

During the week, I gave the kids of one of our investigators some candy, and they loved it. Then whenever I looked at them after, they would runaway and start BAWLING! It was so weird. I have been going to that house once or twice week for three months and they are now SCARED of me. It’s so weird. Maybe they’re a little racist. Just like everyone else here ha-ha.

We are getting the group mission going here. So this week we did a lot of training to help gets started. Yesterday in our group, we had 105 people at church. 105! That’s the most people that have ever come here to Chimoio. It was really neat to see. The church is growing here for sure.

We had the new couple on the mission come here to Chimoio. They are from Sao Paulo, Brazil and they don’t speak a lick of English. They're the Rapiers. Elder Ribiero talks like he is from the southern United States. Ha-ha.

At a lesson, we had an investigators drunken sister with us. And we were teaching about the word of wisdom ironically. She was being so ANNOYING!!!!! SO we told her she needs to stop drinking. She "promised" she would, which probably won’t happen.

Nicole told me this week that a Christian Bateman from University Place just got called to Mozambique. So can you ask Uncle Ady or Jeff to see if they know him?

So this week was an interesting week. I love YOU ALL!!!!

Elder Sirrine