Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 43

Wow another week down in Africa, where does the time go in Africa,

That’s horrible about the earthquake. I will defiantly be praying for Japan.

That’s good that you went to Utah. I know when I get home I will be visiting them a lot down there. And tell Landi good job on getting the job. I’m proud of him. How is everyone else doing?

No puppies from Bella. If she had some, they would be the cutest puppies in the world. HA-HA

So this past week I got really sick. I got...... MALARIA!!! I thought, Yeah I'm in Africa. Ha-ha. I was on the bed for 4 days this week. Barely being able to walk. It was bad. The other elders gave me a blessing. I am fine now, don’t worry about me.

For some reason last week, all the drunken people here wanted to talk to us. They were wanting money from us. We were like go away ha-ha. Funny drunk people.

Today, the mission president and a couple from South Africa are coming here to Chimoio. President Spendlove is going to teach a book of Mormon class about the Isaiah chapters in the book of Mormon. I’m so excited. Since they are coming here, and I’m the district leader, I had to get them hotel rooms and make dinner reservations and all that stuff. I felt pretty important this week.

Last week we had no energy for two days. Worst nights of my life. thats when i had Malaria. I wanted to kill myself. Ha-ha.

We also have been playing soccer in the morning. It’s been fun exercise for me. Ha-ha. I realize I’m better then I thought. Maybe that’s my new game. Ha-ha

I bought a bundle of 38 bananas for 25 metacais. That’s not even a dollar. Fruit here is so inexpensive. Maybe because Chimoio is the fruit capital of Mozambique.

Well that’s about it this week, I love you all, Ficam Forte na igreja, or stay strong in the church.

Until next week
Elder Sirrine