Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 13 - Rats and Cockroaches


Life here in Africa is going. Thursday is the halfway mark for this transfer already. These past three weeks have gone by fast. I am told it will only go faster.

For the mailing address just use the ones that we got from the book. We don't directly receive mail from anyone. We only get it either on Mondays or when the zone leaders go into the city. You can try letters to the mission home but I am not sure. I think the pouch for letters is the best.

1. The weather here is kind of weird. In the morning it’s like super cold. It reminds me of Washington winters. Than in the afternoon it’s either windy but hot, or just hot. I am told this is freezing compared to the hot season. It should start getting warmer in like October November ish.

2. My shoes are doing really great. Thanks for them again.

3. For food, I eat a lot of fruit, cereal, and bread. Every day during the week, an elder cooks something for lunch except on Mondays. So it’s whatever he makes. We go to a store called Shop Rite every Monday. It’s a South African chain store. We get the basics there. All over here there are little stands that sell fruit so we get that stuff from there.

4. I was told not to download pictures onto the computers in Mozambique by the mission president. He said it would just delete all the pictures because of how bad the pictures. So I think when I write a letter home, I will just send my memory card home with whatever pictures I have on it.

5. My companionship is going awesome. At the end of this transfer my companion is going to Angola. I already lose my trainer after one transfer. We get along really great. His name is elder Call and he is from Bountiful Utah.

6. In our apartment, we have a filter connected to our sink. So we get our water from there. Whenever we get back to the house, we just fill our water back up.

7. There are some actual things I need. I sent home some PJ pants, I need those. The ones I have here have a hole in the crotch. I also need some of my other T-shirts. Two of my mine here have holes in the arms. I also need a new watch. The one we bought broke. And all the ones here are cheap so I would have to keep buying one. And if possible, but you don't have to do this, but I need smaller white shirts. The ones we bought in Utah are really big for me now. The sleeves go like down to my wrists. If I need anything else I will let you know. I also need my line of authority and that other memory card of mine.

8. On the 28th of this month, we will hopefully have two baptisms. We will have one for sure. Her name is Rebecca. She us really awesome. She has been waiting for over a year. Her parents wouldn't let her be baptized but now they will. And the other ones name is Angelica. We are going to challenge her this week to be baptized. We have nine other Investigators too. So were busy busy busy with them. So most of the days go by fast.

So mom, remember last week how you asked if we had rats. Well, funny story. We got back to the house last Monday, and we saw a rat in the kitchen. So we all freaked out, grabbed machetes and broomsticks and went rat hunting. It was so fun. Elder Jambi accidentally stepped on it and killed it. It was really funny. We have family home evening every Monday night with the members and we lost power halfway through. We have lost power almost every day this week I think.

I started to read Isaiah this week too. It’s a really interesting book. Next I am going to read James and then read revelations.

This week I felt sorry for Elder Jambi. Lately he hasn't really been digesting his food. So he went to the doctor about. They couldn't really figure out what was wrong. So they gave this laxative to make him clean out his stomach. He went to the bathroom like 30 times in two hours. The next day he had to get a colonoscopy. I don't know what they figured out. So I felt sorry for him.

One of our investigators speaks English. So we teach him in English. He asked if I could say the prayer in English. So I did. I kept messing up and praying in Portuguese. Like I really had to think on how to pray in English. I have only been out almost three months and I can hardly pray in English. Just wonder how I will be when I get home.

Last Monday, after email, we went and played indoor soccer. It was so fun. We had all the Elders from the Maputo area there. That’s like 30 elders. They do that all the time. This week we are playing football de Americana. Or American football. So I am super excited for that.

So hears a couple more funny stories. So I was doing personal study outside on the chair outside of our house. And I felt something on the back of my neck I brushed my neck and it was gone. Like a minute later I see this cockroach that is like three or four inches long crawling on my arm. I freak out and brush it off and step on it and kill it. It was the thing that brushed my neck. I don't know where it came from. Another story. We were on a chapa coming back to the house after our last appt. of the day. We were like the only people on. And this drunken lady gets on and starts talking to us. She was saying she was a member and stuff. And she got really close to our faces. I thought she was going to make a move on us. Kind of scared me. haha.

This week we also had service to do. We dug a hole for someone. Yes a garbage hole. Tt was about as tall as me.

Also ontem, I mean yesterday, the teacher that was my sub for two weeks in the MTC came to Mozambique. The Spendloves went to our branch too. It was kind of cool.

Well that’s my week. My time is up. I love you all have a good week.

-Elder Sirrine