Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 12 - The Work is Going Well


Everything is going great here. I love it here in Magoanine. The people here are awesome. In our branch we have about 20-25 branch missionaries. That’s so much. We have about 90 people in our branch.

So I will answer questions now.
1. For Mozambique, our house is pretty nice. It has two kitchens, two bathrooms. The property is huge. But it’s like all sand.
2. My bed is like metal frame with springs and a mattress. Sis. Spendlove gave us sheets for it. And I have a mosquito net that covers it. Ha-ha. Pres. Spendlove said the mosquitoes that give malaria come out between midnight and 6 am. So when were asleep.
3. An elder in our house said he saw a rat in our kitchen. But I don’t know if it’s true. He likes to kid around or not. I personally haven’t seen any.
4. And for mosquitoes, there are TTTTOOOONNNNSSS. We have an electric swatter. And it seems like every time we use it like hundreds of them die. It’s crazy. I have never seen so many at one time in my life.
5. For the kitchen, we have a fridge, sink, and a stove. We also have cupboards for our food. So we have all our basics. And for the bathroom we have a toilet sink, and a shower. We have to wear sandals every time we have to take a shower. There are like tons of diseases in it. The floor of the bathroom is always dirty no matter what we do. It’s gross.
6. It is actually pretty safe here. We have a cement fence, with barbed wire. And at every post on it, the top of it has broken pieces of glass all over it so nobody can climb in. even the church fence has the same thing. Almost every building has I would not want to climb over. Would you?
7. No we don’t have a guard. But there are guards all over who have shotguns and AK47s so I’m not too worried. You don’t have to be either.
8. Every day, an elder cooks lunch. So with that it’s like whatever they want to make. (We have six elders in our house). In the morning I usually eat cereal, than for lunch whatever the person make, than for dinner, I usually make like a sandwich and some fruit.
9. For the money, they put in 6000 metacals. That’s about $180 us dollars. We get 1500 a week. That’s to pay for like food, email, and transportation stuff. It’s enough. We just go to an ATM and take it all out. Right now, it’s about 35 meticals for 1 us dollar. So it’s pretty good for us.
10. All the wildlife I have seen is lizards and mosquitoes. I am Right outside of Maputo. So there really is not a lot of wildlife here.

So some more info about here. For Dad, they have the new ranger model out here. There is a ton. I don’t know if you have seen them or not in the states, but there out. When I was in LA I got two of the new 2010 pennies. There out too. So you can look out for them

Last Monday after I emailed, we played ultimate Frisbee on the beach with another district. It was so fun. It reminded of one time as a stake; we had some campout in Oregon. We played on the beach there too. Brought back tons of memories of home too. Last Thursday, we lost our electricity and plumbing. So I had to take my first bucket shower with water from the well we have. It kind of sucked ha-ha.

Oh and mom, can you add these two people onto a way they can here what I’m doing. They are my teachers from the MTC. the first one is Bro. Okasaki. His email is And the other is Sis. Olson. Her Email is Thanks.

This week when I had to cook, I made Macaroni and Cheese like you do. Except I didn’t put in spam. Ha-ha. I’m trying to remember how you cook some things so I can make them. This week we went to a member’s house to eat. They put pumpkin and cornflower together and mixed it. It was probably the nastiest thing I have ever eaten. One time I almost threw up. But I held it in. I would rather eat spam for the rest of my life than ever eat that again. Hahaha.

Our transportation is way different here than the states. They have things called Chapas and Machibomus. A chapa is this mini-van thing. and they try to put as many people on as they can. one time i had like two people sitting on my lap. and the van was like bottoming out. I was like what is this. Ha-ha. And a moshibombo is like a metro bus. I had a guy’s crotch on my arm for an hour. Gross right.

Here they have chickens and roosters all over the place. It reminds me of Hawaii so much. In Portuguese chickens are call galinhas and roosters are called galoa.

We live like ten minutes from the airport. So whenever they land or takeoff they are like right over our heads. Like one was only like a thousand feet above us. I swear.

We have two investigators who will probably be baptized in like 3 weeks. I’m excited. But I can’t baptize them because Pres Spendlove wants members to do it. So it kind of sucks. But oh well.

Mom, if you can, can you send me my line of authority. It would be really nice to have it. And the memory I sent home too. I would appreciate it.

According to the scale at our house. I have lost about three pounds. I’m excited. In Magoanine, its sand, sand, and more sand. More sand than I have ever seen. I pulled muscles in both my calves. But I’m better.

Well that’s about it for this week. Until next week!!!

Com Amor,
Elder Sirrine