Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 14 - Fun things are happening

Como Estaos??!!!

So this week it was pretty good. Lots of fun things happened.

So last Monday, we got home from going to our appts, and we arrive at the house. We turn on the light to our living room. And there is this GGGGRRRRAAANNNDDDEEE ratozhino, or large rat there. Dad, remember the rat we saw and killed at Opas house? This one was bigger. Elder Jamba, Elder Call (My Comp), and a branch missionary go to kill it. It runs into the room I sleep in at night. Freaky. They then close the door. And the hunt starts. I took a little video from right outside the door. There was no way I was going in there. You can hear things moving around and people yelling. It’s pretty funny. They eventually killed it with a baseball bat. I took some pictures. This week we also gave a member of the branch a blessing because he has malaria. Like he has been really sick. He lives like 45 minutes away walking from our house. And he walked all the way to it. He knows the power of the priesthood can help him. It was my first time doing a blessing for the sick. And it was all done in Portuguese.

One day we were walking back home in the evening, and on the side of the road somebody was selling a shark. It was probably like 3-4 feet long. Elder Call almost bought it. He cooked fish this week so it would have gone with that. I also tried to make Nasi (spelling?) this week. But it wasn’t nearly as good as moms or opa's. Oh Mom, if you send a package with the stuff I asked about, can you send some recipes over too. If not oh well...
We had to help an investigator fix her satellite. It took like 2 hours. But it was worth it. Anything we can help them with we do it.

I also played Mozambiquan checkers. The rules are so weird. Like you can move backwards to jump someone, or you can move your queen as many spaces as you want in any direction. It’s different but I’ll show you all when I get home.

We also ran into some Jehovah’s witnesses. They were cool. They just showed us some scriptures about Christ and they left.

I also got the chance to chase some African kids around. Like if you start running at them, they run away and start laughing. It’s like they are afraid of white people. They always call us malungo, or in dialect that means white man. So we also say "onde", or where. We also say some dialect words to the older people and they just laugh. It is pretty funny for some random two young white guys to be talking dialect. some words are canimombo, which means thank you or zipalli, which means good night.

We almost got hit by a chapa. It was like 3 feet away. We were walking in the sand. And it comes zipping by where there are no ruts for it to go. It was so so scary.

Last Saturday we did service at a mental health hospital. It was really awesome. We cleaned up the gardens, played with kids. One of the kids kept on saying "Corre" which means run. So I would run away and she would chase me. It was really funny.

I also got to eat the fruit rafiki from the lion king uses in the movie. It’s really sweet. I love it. We also got to "pilar". This is where they get it a trunk, carve it out in the middle, and hit like corn, or something, until its fine. It was hard.

So today an Elder went home. And we was bigger than me when he got here. He lost 85 pounds here. That crazy. I got here weighing 235, and now I weigh about 226, so 9 pounds in 4 weeks is a lot.

Other than that, were just working and walking in tons of sand for ten hours a day.

I love you all and WRITE!!! Ha-ha

Elder Sirrine