Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 4 - Still in the MTC

Hi Mom and everybody else,

I am glad to hear Michelle finally got her learners permit. Good for her!

Was the Meeker Days craft show the one where I cut my hand last year? if it is than its been a fast year. next friday is my halfway mark here in the MTC. I am here for a total of nine weeks.

Please tell Linda and Mario congratulations from about her baby.

So I kind of have a funny story. My comp and I were out in the hall by the stairs in our classroom doing language study and I had a rolly chair. So I was rolling around and I went to close to the stairs. and I started going over the stairs. Luckily I caught myself on the stairs. The chair went end over end down the stairs. It was a pretty close call wouldn’t you say?

Starting on Wednesday will be the new mission president seminar. The first presidency and most of the qourum of the twelve will be here. One of my teachers is going to be an usher. so we might have a chance to see some of them. Next Friday were are having this big fireside with them so I am really excited about that.

i was just looking at the picture with Mario and Linda’s family that you sent in my last email. Mario looks kind of tired and stressed. I wonder why? HA HA!.

Dads been good about writing me. He writes to me about twice a week. He keeps me up to date on sports. Can you have him or you tell me about the NBA finals because it is game seven. I sent dad a Father’s day card on Tuesday and I mailed some pictures home on Wednesday. You should be getting those anytime now if you havent got them already.

My language is coming along alright. I know just basic words. but its good.its coming.

On July 7th, there are more people coming into the MTC who are going to Mozambique. So thats really cool. I am excited for that.

My teacher who went to Italy on vacation, finally came back this week. He is awesome. He even went to Mozambique on his missions. Sometimes he tells us stories about what it is really like in Mozambique. T hey are super scary but they are getting me excited to get to Africa.

Today was the last time we will be able to go to the temple. It is undergoing some renovation and will be closed for about 5 weeks. It closes on the 21st. When I go to the temple it really makes me homesick and really makes me miss you guys a lot.

This week we got 44 new elders and sisters in our zone. There are now like 120 missionaries in our zone alone. We have the biggest zone in the whole MTC.

Well nothing really else happened this week. just class and eating. and I gotta get back to my laundry. Tell everybody “hello” for me. And especially tell Bella hello and that I miss her.

I love you all and miss you. Have a good week this week. Good luck at Meeker Days.

Elder Sirrine