Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 3 - It's All Good In The MTC

Hi Mom!

Como Vai? Tudo Bem?

Things are getting pretty restless here. Most days we wake up, gym, eat, study, eat, study, eat, than study more. At first I lost weight here but I weighed myself yesterday and I gained like two pounds. But I think I will lose it all when I get to Africa.

And yes mom, I am still getting along with my comp and my district. We all really get along. Did you know that this group of missionaries is the biggest ever to go to Mozambique. And that we are the biggest district in the whole MTC? Most of the other districts are usually about 8. And we have 14. It just shows the missionary work in Africa is growing! It is pretty awesome.

Thanks for getting my check for me. I have spent probably like $60 or so. I have bought a backpack to hold all my stuff in, laundry soap and stuff like that. I have also gotten a scripture case for my scriptures in english and portuguese. When I in the field part of my money thing will go for that stuff. so its not too bad. In Mozambique you can get a bunch of bananas for like 25 cents.

On Tuesdays we have a MTC wide fireside. And guess who came? Elder Robert D. Hales of the qourom of the twelve. It was awesome. He talked about obedience and the light of Christ. It was a really good talk. And I think either President Monson or someone from the first presidency are coming maybe end of June early July. Because the MTC is organizing a 36 voice choir. And they usually do not organize them unless someone from the first presidency. I really hope they do come because that would be really cool.

This week I am going to send home just my gray suit jacket. I am going to keep my pants. I am going to send it home because I only wear suits on Sundays, Tuesday nights for devotional and to and from the temple. I won’t need to have two for Africa because I am only going to wear a jacket like twice a month if that. So expect that soon. I am also sending home some pictures this week too as well as a card para pai por dia de pai on Sunday.

We have large group meetings once a week for better ways to teach people. And the guy who teaches it looks just AND sounds like Bill Murray. It’s hilarious! Here is a joke he said " What do Titanic and the sixth sense have in common? Icy dead people" Think about it.

The weather here has been good, but today it has been raining. So it’s nice. It reminds me of home. the langauge is coming along ok. Our teacher who has been on vacation is supposed to be back on Monday. Finally we will have two permanent teachers. Their names are sister olson who served in Portugal, and Brother Okasaki who served in Mozambique.

Well my time is about out so I got to go. Thank you for the package. I will have enough treats to last me forever. Haha!.

I love you guys and miss you. Tell everybody hi for me!!

Elder Sirrine