Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 2 - Our schedule at the MTC

Hi Mom and everybody else,

You asked a little bit about our schedule at the MTC and here is what we do. So in the morning i usually have gym from 6:35 to 7:20. than we go take showers and get ready for the day. After that we get dressed and then we go to breakfast where we sit as a district. Then we have class till one where we than go to lunch till 1:45. Then back to class till six. Then on to dinner till 6:45. It seems like every other thing we do is eat but i actually think I have lost weight because i have been exercising every day. Then from 6:45 till nine we have our own personal study and then companion study. At nine as a companionship we plan for the next day. Then after that we hang out around our dorm as a district. At ten doors close and we write in our journals and stuff till ten thirty whan we go to sleep. That is our usual day here at the MTC. My language is coming along good. We are just now really getting into the language. We have two teachers. Their names are Brother Okasaki, he went to Mozambique too. And there is Sister Olson. She went to Portugal for her mission. Right now Brother Okasaki is in Italy with his family so we have had a sub. His name is Brother Flanigan but we call Irma Flanigina. There is suppose to be accents above the a in Irma and Flanigina. That means little sister Flanigan. We call him that because he looks as young as us. He is only 22. We have elders in our district older than him.
There is 14 Elders in our district total. We have the first Mexican to Mozambique so thats cool. My companion, the one who is from New Mexico, doesn't know our family at all.
So yeah those shot records I need to know the dates for are the MMR shots I got when I was a baby. Can you please send them as soon as possible. Otherwise I may need to get more shots.
I need like a little pillow. I have only one and it is no good. I also need mouthwash because here there are tiny little ones for the price of the big ones at like Walmart. So if i could get one of those it be nice. Everybody says I should get like a 4GB memory card that way I won’t always have to be mailing my cards home. There is a FedEx kinkos in Maputo so if I am every there, I am going to try to send mail from there.. Could you also pick up my paycheck from McDonald's. I am going to use that money for here and use the rest in Mozambique. so please can you pick it up? I would also love to get hand written letters sometimes too because if I got those, I think I would really like them.
Can you tell Bella I love her for me?
I had a chance to go through an endowment session today. It was really nice. Some of the peoples names we have had were like “ break it through the nos”, “dirty water”, and “bear eater”. It was actually pretty funny! I think they must have been Indian names.
So that is really it for this week. My time is getting low so I have to go. Tell everybody thanks for the dearelders letter. And that I say hi and that I love them. The letters really help me.
I love you guys a bunch and I miss you.

Elder Sirrine