Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 1 - Settling in to the MTC

Hey mom and family,

I am doing good. I have sent you a letter with a piece of paper about my shots. I need my first date of my MMR shots within the next like week and a half. So yeah. I please need that soon. I sent a letter on friday. And I sent you another one too with some cords from my camera I don't need.

From now on my P-days are on Friday until I leave. I leave the MTC on July 26th so I’m going to be here approximately two months. People say I might be able to call whenever I am at a airport so you know I made it there. If we can I am going to so please be prepared for that.

I love it here. My companion is awesome. His name is Elder Hadlock. He is from New Mexico. My district is great. There are fourteen of us total going to Mozambique. In our residence hall there is probally like 30 or so other elders. We all are going on Portuguese speaking missions. Some to brazil and like 4 going to Cape Verde off the westcoast of Africa. So that’s cool. My companion and I are the only ones in our room. But we think whenever the new people come that speak Portuguse we might be sharing with them. The food here is alright. We go to the gym everyday except Sunday. I have been exercising everyday so far. We have three marines in our district so they have been helping me.

Please have people try and use Everybody else have gotten like ten letters and packages and I only have gotten one from you and Matthew. and they all have gotten packages and I haven’t. So it makes me sad. So please tell people about it.

I was wondering if you could send me like a little pillow cause I only have a little one and its hard to sleep with.

So yeah. my langauge is coming along fine. I can almost bear my testimony in it and there is another thing thats in my letter.

Other than that nothing really else is going on. if you guys have questions just email me it or it and I’ll reply on Friday.

I love you guys so much. i miss you with all my heart and I'll see you guys later.

Elder Sirrine