Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 18

You all must be pretty busy. I got an email from Terrance but not from you or dad….. Pretty sad……
So the price of letters has gone up from 33 Meticals to 92 now. So I don’t know if I’m going to really send anymore home. Unless I ever get a letter from home. I still haven’t got those letters from church. I have only gotten one from Chris like a month ago. So the best place to send them is the pouch. That way I will get them.
Last Tuesday we played ultimate Frisbee in a field by our house. It was really fun. Everybody on my team was wearing soccer jerseys. It was cool.
The not so hot season has come to a close. This week it got up to 37 degrees celsius. It’s been that hot all week. But it’s a dry heat luckily. This week our water went on the day it was 37 degrees. So we all had very little water for the time we were walking. But luckily it was back when we got home. We also worked in the nachaamba, or farm. One of our investigators owns it. We helped him water it and stuff.
This week we had to say goodbye to Elder Dunn. He went up to Munhava to be the branch president. Munhava is up by Beira. I miss him. We consider him my mission mom. Ha-ha. Thursday was the last time I walked in my old area. I am now with Elder Masterson. He is a really awesome guy. He is from Kaysville, Utah. He and I have so much in common.
So I was walking in my new area. And all of a sudden all the kids that were in front of us started running away from us. And we were like they must not like white people or something. Then I see something on my side. It was a wild donkey walking along me. Then comes another one. Only in Mozambique will you see that. Did you know roosters sleep in trees? I didn’t until I got here. Ha-ha
That’s about it for this week. I hope I get an email next week. Hope everything is good at home. Love you.
-Elder Sirrine