Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 19


I did finally get your email. Thanks.
About pictures, they cost like 15 Meticals to print. And sending a normal cost like 92. So somehow I need to get a memory card reader so I could send some home.
I’m glad Michelle finished driver’s ed. when I get home, instead of me driving her around she will drive me.

About the package, it’s been about three weeks. Elders here say it normally takes 3-6 weeks to actually get. So I should hopefully get it soon. If not, I will be kind of mad. Ha-ha. I already didn’t get those letters. As stuff for Christmas, um, I really don’t know. You can send whatever you want. For the members, something like ties would be great.

Entao, stories from here. This week Elder Masterson and I were walking in our area by the lixiera, or dump. We were just walking. And we see this drunken guy. We were like oh great. We find out that it’s our Investigator. Yeah, he was so drunk he didn’t know who we were. He fell down. We helped him up. It was interesting. I also helped dig two holes. Back to back. I was like dead. Both like 2 meters across and 2 meters deep. They were huge. We had a district meeting this week. Our district leader gave us all puzzles to do find. It was really cool. They were all on attributes of Christ. Last Saturday we also had another baptism. That is two baptisms in two baptismal days. There every other week. Hopefully we will have another next time too. This week we had virtually no power like all week. It was very chato, or annoying.

We had to ride a chapa back to our house after the baptism. It took an hour and a half. We live like 20-30 minutes from the city. It was horrible. Ha-ha. Traffic is really bad here.

And guess what, I hit 4 months on my mission yesterday. They have flown by. Next transfer I hit 6 months, two holidays also. Halloween and thanksgiving. Than the next transfer I hit 7 months, my birthday, Christmas Eve and Christmas, New Years Eve, and new years. So for me these next two transfers are going to be pretty hard for me.

Oh mom, I have been thinking. You know those pictures me and Jamie took outside of the MTC. Can you find them and send them to me. I don’t know if we used your camera or Jamie's. But I would really like both. And if you do, send them to the Utah address. The address is on my face book page.

And people have been asking you to update the blog too. I would appreciate that too.

Well that is about it for this week. We’re going to play basquet, or basketball. I love you all!!!! Ate proxima semana!!!!
-Elder Sirrine