Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 16


That is cool how Alexis mentioned me in her testimony. Tell her thanks. With the ward bulletin, you can use the one that comes straight to Mozambique. For the package, can you put one of my black maglights in it? They are up in my room in my closet in a wooden box. They have locks on them because I didn’t want any little kids in them. If they are not in there than I put in a box I made on the clear boxes. That would be great. Maybe even a watch.

This week we were at a member’s house, and he has ducks. And they were like fighting each other. So after they were done I like stood up to pretend to fight and I was like charged by the ducks. It was hilarious. Last Monday we went to the mission home, and the church public affairs guy was there too for Africa. And I told him my name. and he was like I know some Sirrine’s from mesa. he knew grandpa, grandma, and our family. He even said Tia Rosas was the best restaurant he has ever been too. He is from Mesa.

Last week we had classes. They were for training. So we were in the city a lot. The other night we had to sleep with the air conditioning on. It’s stating to heat up. Last night there was a car accident right outside our house. It was kind of bad.

On Saturday, we have a baptism. So I am pretty excited for that.

Other than that, this week has been pretty boring. Love you all!!!!

-Elder Sirrine