Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week 31

Hi Mom,

Christmas is in the air. It sure does feel like Christmas here. It’s been raining like we are in Washington during the winter. It’s Crazy. About the package, the Spendloves (mission president and his wife) are coming the 22nd. So if they dont have it, another senior couple is coming the 27th, so maybe they will have it. So hopefully they will bring it. About the 100 dollars on Thursday, I told the elders, and we will go out to eat with it on Christmas. Thank you so much mom for all you do. I will take out 200 dollars worth of metacais, because I still haven’t taken the money out for my birthday. I think it’s best if you call me. Call me like 10 in the morning your time. That after I will be teaching English class. And for Christmas, I don’t know if we are going out or not. We will find out the 22nd when the mission president comes. The country code for Mozambique is 258, than call 844683902. That’s our number. I will make sure imp in the house for when you call. I can only talk for 30 minutes.

Yeah I got an email from Nicole. It was really nice to get it from her.

Life here on the mission is good. Do you know a Roberts family that lives in Florida? I got a birthday email from them and I don’t know them. We climbed the roof of our house this week because we made a bonfire. So it was really fun. I also saw a rat attacked by a group of dogs. I have never seen dogs so crazy in my life. Ha-ha. We also some kids dancing and singing. They even had little judges. It was so funny.
I also had fleas this week. Everybody got them. So we fumigated our house. Ha-ha. I also got food poisoning this week. It was out about three days. But I am fine now so don’t worry.

I love you all

Elder Sirrine