Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 29

Hi Mom,

Thanks for the pictures. I love them.

Weather wise this week, I feel like I have been In Washington. It’s just rain, rain, and more rain pretty much all day and every day. So it’s kind of weird. This week I also had to move rooms again. So far every transfer I have had to move rooms. It’s kind of a hassle. But it’s just the mission way of life.

This week we also taught the former goalie of the Mozambiquan soccer team. He even played on the Holland soccer team. His first name is malo. He is like 60 years old. It was really cool to teach him.

Those letters you asked for last week with pictures I will send today. But a week and a half ago I sent just a normal letter. So you should be getting some soon. .

I have had troubles sleeping and it’s not good. But I got some pills to help me fall asleep at night. But I’m better now.

In my area our progression is going well. We have people getting baptized here and there, people getting the priesthood too. So the church is growing here in Chimoio for sure.

I also got chased by a dog this week. I was trying to help some puppies go home, and there mom comes barking and chasing us. We had to run for our lives for like 100 feet. I have not been that scared in a long time.

We also learned for Christmas we are not going to Biera. We are staying home. So I will call home Christmas morning here. It will be Christmas Eve for you all. I will call your work phone if I can. But a senior couple from Beira will be coming on the 22nd. So you should send those packages like this week if you haven’t already.

I love you all