Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 96

Hello Family,

One day this week, we were using the GPS; to find a member’s house and we get to this pretty nice house and we think some Muslims live there but the GPS said these members did. So we knock and this kid about 9-10 years old comes out and we ask him if this member lives here in Portuguese and he has a tough time understanding. He then proceeds, in English, "No these people don't live here" and we ask him where he is from and he says " Canada" and I ask what city and he says "Winnipeg" and if you are from here you wouldn't know of that city. So we leave and the next day we decide to talk to his parents. So we go back. And we start talking to the family in English. They all studied in Canada and learned English. There is a father, mother, and 2 sons. They are a golden family.

Something I forgot to say last week. Not yesterday, but the week before in sacrament meeting, we were singing "How Great Thou Art" and in some parts this women and some others were throwing in some solos and singing extra notes. At the end of the 3rd verse, the elders were laughing and Elder Smith had to leave since he was laughing so hard. It was so funny. People who already don't know how to sing, busting some solos. Mozambique nossa terra gloriosa!

We met this member at a school to get to know his house and oh boy did we walk. I would say 4-6 miles of walking. He said "It's a little far" and we just started to walk and walk and walk. We walked for like an hour and a half. I don't even know if we were in our area or not. Ha-ha. But we had some good exercise though.

I have a question. Mom, do you want me to call on Easter or mother’s day. If I call on mother’s day, I go one like 2 weeks after but it's up to you.
Well that's about it. Have a great week.

 I love you all Elder Sirrine