Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 91

Hello everyone in the Promised Land!

Things are going good here in T-3. The work just keeps going on. We have been working a lot with the branch president. He has given a lot of people that we need to reactivate and so that will be keeping is busy. Yesterday at church, President and Sister Spendlove came to church. It was raining here so not a whole lot of people came. During the classes, President Chamba came up to us and asked if we could help with the primary. There was no problem with it. So we get to the classroom and the teacher had put a movie in. I thought it was a church movie so it was whatever. But it ended up being a movie about Christmas. It was all in English. During it, President and Sister Spendlove came in. After, Sister Spendlove, who doesn't really speak Portuguese, said "Well that was a good movie. What are you teaching English"? President asks "Are there no subtitles in Portuguese". It's not like the little kids would have been able to read them.

We had a funny thing happen. We have rat problems and so we needed a way to get rid of them. So we found and bought a kitten for 50 meticais. That is like 2 dollars. At home it was freaking out. The next night we see a rat in the kitchen. So we put the kitten there. It did nothing. Later that night, my companion, Elder Bradford, found out the kitten had fleas. So we take it outside and we give some random guy a new kitten for free. Now we have to be men and hunt some rats. Wish us luck.

We traveled about for hours on Saturday trying to find people. That is our travel day. We have people who live far away in Zimpeto and Kongolote. We teach like 2 lessons and that's it. But there are members there. We found a member who lives the teachings of another church. So we talked to her. If you were already baptized in our church, and then if you go to another church and live its teaching, you get excommunicated. It's considered apostasy. She said she would leave the other church and come back to ours. We are giving her a month to come back and leave the other church. If she doesn't come back, she is a goner.

So we had zone conference last week. We had to go into the city. We had a Book of Mormon class on more proof why it is true. If you look at the English, it's not real English. The Book of Mormon was written in Egyptian and eventually in reformed Egyptian with a Hebrew background. That's what Nephi and they were taught. Written in Egyptian and thought in Hebrew. Cool stuff.

The church hired people to fix the church. The energy got fixed and there were little farms on the church grounds. The hired man took out the entire farm and the weeds and is going to put grass, trees, plants, and rocks down. This is the same people who take care of the nice real looking chapels in Beira and Manga. So he will do nice to the chapel.

So what's the news on the school stuff?

That's about it. Have a good week. I love you all.

Elder Sirrine