Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 57

Hello family,
Everything is going good here in Mozambique.

So something weird happened last week. So I took a nap on pday. Once I woke up, I got up. I immediately fell down and couldn’t get back up. I had ultimate vertigo. I was just sitting there for about 5 minutes before getting up. It was really strange.
Last week, we also played basketball with a few other districts in the zone. It was really fun. We played at this old school that looked like independence hall. The owner was this old drunk Portuguese woman. She was hilarious. The basketball court was crap though. There were potholes in the court; the rims were bent and no nets. But besides that, it was really fun. We all had fun.
This week, I also did something for the first time on my mission. I had to knock a door. Yep, over a year on the mission, and I finally hit a door. When I did it, it was really weird. I had no idea what to say. But once you get talking, and have help from the Lord, it gets really easy. The guys name is Orlando, and he is a cop here in Manga. He is a pretty intelligent guy for being a Mozambiquan. We will see how he progresses and ill keep you up to date.
We have a newly baptized member here in Manga that looks just like Will Smith when he did “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. But the member is a lot darker. The members name is Marques Vaz Marques. The thing is here in Mozambique, The parents always give their names and the grandparents name to their Children to keep their name going.
Last week, one of the Elders, Elder Mckell, made a jumboliah shrimp soup. It was heavenly. Since we are so close to the ocean, all the shrimp and fish are so fresh and that makes them really good.
There is a member whose life wasn’t doing well. He wanted to leave the city and just leave everything. But we talked to him last week to try and help him. He said her had been thinking and praying a lot. He told us he decided not to run away from his problems and now he is preparing to serve a mission. That’s really an amazing story to me.
We had an old investigator who I never saw at church, at church yesterday. We had a nice long talk with her during the week and I guess she changed her mind and perspective on everything.
I persuaded an investigator that mom was a chicken and dad was a human. I told her that Elder Christensen ate her. So I pretended to cry. She starts tearing up. Then we told her the truth. Her face was classic. I will never forget it.
We had a baptism on Saturday. David was baptized. I think I have already told you all about him.
We had the chance to have a little party at an investigators house. Her boyfriend was going back to sea to fish today, and he wanted to party with us. We had rice, beans, fish, and a mozambiquan dish called matapa. It’s a type of plant that they cut they leaves and boil them. I don’t like it but I wasn’t going to deny the food. It was fun.
I see lots of goats here. and tons of huge spiders and bats. Because of the war that was here, there are not tons of animals here. But the government is trying to bring back the animals. There are some reserves in this country.
I think the stuff I wrote in the email is fine. If you want to send anything else, please do

I love you all
Elder Sirrine