Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 56

Thanks for the pictures. More would be nice! With pictures from me, we have had to go to another computer place for two weeks, and I can’t send pictures. So I will once we go to our normal place.

So this has been a good week. I saw this old woman wearing BANANA IN PAJAMA pants. I haven’t seen anything about that show in years. I remember loving it when I was younger and watching it every day. Ha-ha

I have had some more bike problems so that’s been costing me a pretty dime this past week. One time, my chain locked up and we were stuck.
But this random like 80 year old man walks up. He has this bag of tools with him. He fixes my bike. He was coming home from a funeral.
We sit with him and tells us his story. His family all died in a cart accident like a week before. All his kids were adults, they had their own kids. and his wife was there too. They got into a accident on the highway that killed all of them. 17 family members were killed. So we taught him about the plan of salvastion and it helped hiim alot. It was very sad but shows you that Heavenly Father send the right people to missionaries to teach. I think we helped him a little bit.

I ate tomato soup for the first time. I will never eat it again in my life. It was flipping discusting.

Yesterday the energy was gone all day. SO no one had it. At about 8 at night on the way home, it came back. You just hear all the kids screaming in joy that there is energy again. Thats how important it is here.

We taught a class at the church on how to help the teachers teach better. Mozambicans have to put in their opinion. They think they have too. They didn’t learn anything.

So this week, Elder Park, Who I live with for three transfers in Chimoio and living with again, taught me how to make pancakes. I will perfect them now and be the grand champion once I get home.

And mom, did you get that email about the package?

I love you all

Elder Sirrine