Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 55

Well I’m glad Michelle had some fun doing the Ballroom dance. I am glad she was able to find a hobby during high school. Once I get home, we will go to snoqualmie. Does Dad not work on Saturdays anymore? If he is still working at Swissport when I get home, maybe he can hook me up with a job.

So there is a family of three we are teaching. Their names are Ana, Nasha, and Isabel. Ana and Nasha are doing great. They’re coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon, and keeping all the commitments.
Isabel, on the other hand, sat with us a few times, came to church one time, and then entirely quit on us. She was avoiding us, not coming to church. A few weeks ago we were able to find her at home. We had a nice long talk with her. Than 2 Sundays ago she came to church. And she started sitting with us when we marked with her family. She is reading the book of Mormon, coming to church and everything. She said she thought about what we said. And she repented of her sins she committed, and wants to come closer to Christ and God. She said only through sitting with us and learning, will this be possible. That just shows how much the Gospel can change someone’s life.

If the gospel can change a stubborn people like the Mozambiauans, than the gospel can change anyone. For everyone at home, remember that. The gospel is here to help us, not to force us to do anything. Only through change can we truly become true Disciples of Christ. When we go to church, we need to go there with the mindset of “ok, how can I change from what I learn". We need to learn and just not hear. In all truth, we are like little children to god. Things enter in one ear, and leave the other. We have to learn with a purpose of changing ourselves. We shouldn’t go to church or read the scriptures without willing to change ourselves. We learned about something like this from the AP's in a training we had last week. This is just what I learned from them

We were at a member’s house last week, and at his neighbor’s house, there were three women. The one in the middle was getting her hair braided and her bushy armpits done. So just imagine the woman sitting down with a women behind her braiding the one women’s hair, and a women in front of her pulling her armpit hairs out. Elder Christensen and I couldn’t help but laugh.

The 2nd of April was Children’s day here in Mozambique. So all the Elementary schools had little parties. And one of our investigators has a little 6 year old kid. He saves all the food and drinks he got for us because we marked to sit with his mom that day. So we get there, and he tells us he wanted to party with us. So we had some cookies and some sodas there. The people here love the missionaries so they give us food. We had the little kid, Eddy, eat like all the cookies but we ate a couple.

I also got that chess set I told you about. I won’t send pictures because I want to surprise you when I get home.

Last week we went to Six mile. It’s this old abandoned Portuguese resort. There was a manmade lake that had old rafts, and little houses. The reason it was abandoned was because the road to it would cost too much to pave and nobody wanted to go out it. It probably is six miles from the road. Ha-ha.

I was busy this week so I will take pictures of the apartment this week.

Well that’s about it. I love you all

Elder Sirrine