Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 54

One year DONE!!!!!!! This time next year I will be at home. If all things go right, I will leave May 28th because that will be Monday because of the leap year, and I should be getting home on may 29th at night. So this time next year I will be at home. YEE-HAH!!!!!!!

We have one investigator marked for baptism. His name is David. He is 21. He reads the Book of Mormon. He actually understands it. The Book of Mormon is very hard for the people to understand. But with David, he teaches us what he read instead of us teaching him. He is one of the few really intelligent Mozambiauans I know. He will be a real help in Manga. He will be baptized June 18th.

Tell Michelle congrats on almost being done with school and seminary.

So last week we went to the Manga 2 chapel to with a film on President Monson. We were just wearing P-day clothes. And we were riding our bikes to the chapels. And my legs are pale WHITE!!!! I have never felt so pale in my life, just riding along by all the very dark Mozambiquans. Ha-ha.
We watched on the lord errands. Really good. You all should watch it sometime.

We were walking along this market, and we see these goat heads. They weren’t connected to the body. So we buy them and just boil them for about 5 hours and eat them. FYI, don’t eat goat head meat. Very bad!

I have had lots of stomach problems lately. Everyone in our house has stomach problem. Along with stomach problems, I have had lots of bike problems. Everyday I’m getting something fixed. The bikes here are from India. And aren’t good at all.

For my one year, we went to that Portuguese restaurant. I had ice cream too. Oh man it was so good!

At a member’s house, all of a sudden these turkeys got there. The male was huge. He puffed up at us. No wonder why they have so much good meat. Ha-ha

Our new Branch President, Chikala, is moving our branch forward. He has been giving people tons of new callings and getting the branch mission going. He is a returned missionary that served in Mozambique.
And he is hilarious.

The weather here is flipping HOT!!!!!!! The other day it was 119 degrees with 100 percent humidity. Than at night its pouring rain because we’re right next to the oceans. It’s flipping crazy ha-ha.

Have a good week everyone and love you all

Elder Sirrine