Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 53

So I hear you’re in Disneyland. What’s with all these vacations when I’m not home?

Things here in Mozambique are going good. We had one baptism last Saturday. His name is Inocencio. He was taught for almost a year. But on Saturday he was finally baptized. You could see the joy on his face when he was baptized. But there really are not a lot of other people getting close to baptism. The Mozambique people are very hard headed people and very hard to change there ways. So sometimes the work here gets really hard.

Last week, we went to the Grande hotel. It’s this hotel the Portuguese had when they were here. It was probably like from 50 to 100 years ago. It had very European architecture, and it used to be a really good building. But now it’s full of Mozambiquans and its so run down. The people don’t take care of the building and it is pretty disgusting. So it falling apart. I would have loved seeing it in its heyday.

I also killed a chicken this week at a member’s house this week. We were going to eat there. And here in Mozambique, they eat a lot of chickens. So I stepped on its feet and wings, grab its head, cut off some feathers, and cut its head off. Blood got everywhere. On my shoes, my arms, my shirt. And when people say chickens still move after their heads chopped off, it’s very true. But the food turned out really good. It was chicken and rice, with a type of gravy thing. It was really good.

I have had lots of stomach problem and the worst diarrhea of my mission this week. It’s been bad. I am trying to get better.

And remember mom, the chess set I told you about with the African animal pieces, that will be done next week.

I hit a year on this coming Thursday. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. So I’m almost over the mountain and going to climb down

Well that’s it, I love you all

Elder Sirrine