Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 52

Hello Family,

Chicago? Wow, never been there before. With Aunt Karen, I am sure you will have a blast going there.

The weather here has been hot lately. But hopefully it starts cooling off here a little bit. I would love to have some rain!

Sounds like the family have been busy little bees.

So things have been going good here in Africa. Last P-day, we had a zone activity at the chapel. The chapel has a huge lawn there. So we took off our shoes and socks, and played ultimate Frisbee. My team SMASHED on the other. My feet were so sore because it’s the first time I have walked in barefoot in a year. Ha-ha. Funny right. Than we had some food from Cape Verde.It was corn, beans, and vegetables made into a soup. We all just sat around, ate, and talked. Than we played a soccer version of monkey in the middle. You make a circle of people, with someone in the middle, and you kick the soccer ball around. If the person in the middle somehow gets the ball, the person, who was defending it, goes in the middle. That just continues. It was so fun.

I had to fix my bike last week. The axle part in the back tire got JACKED up. But luckily it cost only like 60 meticals to fix. I was worried it would be more. Elder Christensen had the same problem. We were just riding and it happened. Luckily we were by the bike place to fix it.

So we have a new member that said he wants to serve a mission. The cool thing is, his brother is on a mission in South Africa, and his sister is waiting for her mission call to get back to Mozambique. So if he goes, there will be 3 members of his family on missions. That’s what Mozambique needs is more native missionaries.

Last week, I made fried chicken, rice, and potatoes. There was a missionary leaving to go home so I made it for him. It was really good. I realized out of the 7 transfers I have completed, 4 have had missionaries going home. The last three there has been one. So I have gotten really trunky for home. Ha-ha.

We had training on Saturday. President Spendlove is so smart. He taught us allot. We also had transfers. I am staying here in Manga with Elder Christensen. I am glad to be with him again.

In my district and in my house, I have done the most time on the mission. I am the second oldest missionary in the zone. That feels really good. I don’t feel like a new missionary anymore. Ha-ha. It’s a really good feeling.

While waiting for an investigator, this drunk guy came up too us. He was speaking in English. But the funny thing is we got to him to start dancing and singing in the road. It was one the funniest things I have seen on the mission

Well that’s about it, I love you all

Elder Sirrine