Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 51

It was really sweet to get to talk to you this weekend.

So this past week a few things have happened. For example, yesterday we were at an investigators house. And her Dad was walking around with no shirt, wearing like sheet or something. And he is this huge guy with a big old gut. He was rubbing his belly and stuff. Not a pretty sight but funny to see. Ha-ha

We were able to make lasagna last week. Oh man was it good. I felt like I was at home since it was so good. Ha-ha. But it won’t ever beat lasagna at home.

At another investigators house, we get there. And there is this guy that’s drunk trying to talk English with us. Then he starts singing to us. We are like, whatever, we won’t pay attention. Than about three quarters of the way through the lesson he comes back out, NUDE, and leaves. We don’t know what happened to him. Ha-ha.

We also had to clean the chapel last week. I cleaned the bathrooms. If you think you have seen a bathroom, just wait till you see a bathroom in Mozambique. It’s HORRIBLE!!!!! So disgusting.

When we are coming home every night, we get attacked by dogs. So the other night, before we get to the area where we get attacked. We pick up these stick. Then we go and they start coming. And we hop off our bikes and start attacking them with our sticks. They start running away with their tails between their legs. There were about 4 or 5 of them. We beat them all. It was actually pretty fun to do it. They never have attacked us again. Ha-ha

Well that’s about it. I love you all have a good week, Elder Sirrine