Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 37


You think it’s been long or you! Ha-ha. To me it seems like I have been gone forever, but at the same time, time has FLOWN by! I have already been here in Chimoio for three months. I will probably stay until April or the beginning of May. I wouldn’t mind staying here. I love it here. We will find out if I’m leaving here in about two or three weeks.

Good job on getting that award at work, I’m proud of you.

Looks like the beach was really fun. The beaches here are not anything like that in Washington. Washington beaches aren’t filled with garbage. Haha! When I get home, we have to go to the beach. And to lots of other places too.

No packages yet. But did you send the other yet?

This past week has been really boring actually. I think I am just used to things here in Mozambique. Ha-ha

One of the couple missionaries came this past week. And they brought us brand new mattresses. Like real ones. They are so nice. I feel like I’m sleeping at home. Ha-ha. They also took us out to dinner. They really are so nice. The restaurants we went to were really fancy and they paid for everything. One of our waiters was really annoyed for some reason. I thought chill out dude. Hehehaha.

I have been called as the........ Primary president here in Chimoio. We don’t have any women here who can be the president. So I was called. Ha-ha. So I have to prepare all the lessons and stuffs. Funny right ha-ha

Friday night, walking back home, we walk by this church. And the pastor guy was casting out a demon from some lady. It was kind of..... Weird to see. Ha-ha that really was the highlight of the week.

Can you update the blog for people? Please. Thank you.

I love you all so much. Have a good week

Elder Sirrine