Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 36

Hello Family,

I hope everything is well at home. I am doing really well here in Chimoio, Mozambique.

Send it to Maputo. It will take awhile to get to me but it’s better to wait and get than not getting it right?

Last week, we had the chance to go to Beira for a mission conference. And Elder Scott from the quorum of the twelve was there. He is such a cool man. We all lined up in rows and he shook our hand, and asked where we are from. I told him Bonney Lake, Washington. He asked me where is that by, I told him Seattle. Then he told me Washington is a very beautiful state and that I am lucky to live there. So for all you Washingtonians, we just got complimented from an Apostle of the Lord. He also told us that we are the second highest baptizing mission in the church. The Rio de Janeiro north mission is the only higher mission. Ant they only have an average of 1 more baptism a month than us. That’s so cool.

Last Saturday, we had service at a member’s house. We collected sand and rocks for the house that there building. We all got burnt to a crisp. But it was so cool to do it. After, they took us out to eat. Awesome!

Last week, I made fried chicken like how mom makes it. Everybody loved it. I think it’s the new hit of the house. They want me to make it again. But I don’t have money to make it again. Ha-ha. Looks like they will have to live without it.

At a new investigator, her mom comes barging in the door, completely drunk. And she plops herself right next to me, and starts touching me. And I scoot over away from her. So does she to me. She is calling me Brazilian and white. It was so funny. But the investigator was so embarrassed. I actually felt kind of bad for her.

I have a question mom. Do you think you and dad both can send me wedding dates, dates of passing away, dates of birth for your parents and then their parents. I am going to teach a family history class in a couple weeks and I thought it would be goodif I could tell them about my family history too.

I dont really know why i have been homesick, but this past week i have been tons better. So no need to worry about me.

Pictures next week of Pacific Beach would be awesome. I would love that.

That’s about it this week, I love you all. Be safe!

Elder Sirrine