Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 35

PPPPPPIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRAAAAAATTTTTTTTEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! There were reports that Somalia pirates took control of a boat off the Mozambique coast. And the boat had packages for care for life. And my package was most likely on it. I got a call from one of the people that works there. And he told me to have you email the receipt with the company name on it. I think he might be recovering the stuff. His email is: XXXXXXXX the 2 is the at symbol. Make sure you don’t let anyone else see his email please make sure you send him email once you get this. please please please. This way I might get my package when I’m in Beira. That’s cool you guys will paint the house. I´m going to be coming home to a house with a new color. Going to be cool to see it. But this really will be dads last time doing the yard alone. I’ll be back in may of next year and I could still help do the yard than too. Thanks for the sport updates. Kind of sad about the Seahawks, but they did do better than the cowboys. Ha-ha. But hopefully both teams will do good next year. That’s really cool Matthew bought a new car. Now he only needs to find a wife. Ha-ha just kidding. This means Michelle will have to learn how to drive a stick. Should be fun to teach her. Ha-ha. I’m glad to hear about the job interview for Chris. I hope he gets it. You need to tell them all to email me. I haven’t gotten emails from any of them in a few weeks. In the next package, I really want that gray backpack of mine, my magi flashlight, smaller white shirts; flossy thingies from Wal-Mart, pictures, a laundry stick cleaner that can clean sweat stains form white shirts, Deodorant (old spice) from America, like old spice. The deodorant really sucks from here. More basketball shorts because mine aren’t doing to good. And dad will know where this is. But the type of journal paper that he uses. I’m starting to get low on mine. So that would be awesome. And some recipes. I think that is about it for that. Last week, we played basketball here in the city. We had some members from the group and some investigators ply with us. It was really fun. It was so hot. Almost my whole shirt was covered in sweat. I felt like I just left a sauna or something. It was about 100 degrees here band about 95% humidity. Than at about 5, it starts POURING down rain. Like literally pouring. There was tons of thunder and lightning too. We called President Spendlove to see if we should go out, and he said no. luckily we didn’t because there were thunder strikes all around our house. It was so scary.
This week I have really been home sick. I don’t know why. It’s been worse than it was at Christmas. I don’t know why. I realized this past week that last Monday, the 10th of January was my 1 year mark of my stake president’s interview for my mission papers. Time went by so fast. This week kids were crying because I was stopped at their house teaching there families. It was really funny. They were legitimately scared of me. Ha-ha. I figured out that when you send me pictures through email, I can save them to my flash drive, and I could print them here instead of you guys doing it at home and sending them. So could you guys send me pictures of Christmas or anything through email? This week, here in the city I bought $100 basketball shoes for $27. I got such a good deal on them. They’re all leather and everything. We had 2 more baptisms last week. So the church is growing for sure here a ton. It’s so cool.I am in charge of the missionaries here. I’m the District leader here. So I report to the assistants, and they report to the President. So I feel pretty important. Ha-ha we also got 12 new investigators this week. It’s amazing how willing people here are to listen to the gospel. I am always amazed. This week in Beira, I will see Elder Scott from the quorum of the twelve apostles. So that is going to be so COOL!!!! I’m so excited. And hopefully I get that package from the pirates too. That would be pretty cool to say my package was stolen by pirates. Or if I do get it, to say my package was on a Pirate ship. Hahira Until next week, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! Elder Sirrine