Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 34

Hello my peeps 10,500 miles away!

So first off. Mom, I contacted people at the care for life. And they said my package hasn’t arrived. So I think that it is most likely lost. So I don’t know if I will get it when I go to Beira next week, can you look at the status this week and let me know what it is? I keep stressing over it. Next Christmas, I think you probably shouldn’t send a package for me because I’ll be home soon after. That would make thing so much easier I think. Then maybe when I get home, I can have a double Christmas in May!!! Exciting, right?
I’m so glad to hear about the Seahawks. I just hope they can keep it together and beat the bears. That would be so cool! Maybe they can win the super bowl.

Last week, we played pool. It was so fun. I realize how bad I am at it. But it was still really fun. Yesterday we had 93 people at church. That the most people that have ever been to church here in Chimoio. I think it’s because school is starting and the holidays are done. Hopefully the church can still grow here in Chimoio.
So we had transfer meeting last week. Imp staying here in Chimoio with the same comp. But I am district leader. So I am in charge of five other missionaries. It’s kind of intimidating. I am the boss in the hose. Me and another elder here did a mock transfer. It was so fun. Surprisingly we got some of them right. I was really surprised.

We have two more baptisms this coming week. They are Dino and Pedro. (Vote for Pedro. ha-ha) they are two teenagers that are really smart. It’s awesome. Yesterday two of our newest investigators brought four of their friends to church. So we taught them all yesterday. It’s amazing that the teenage population here is so interested here to learn. And I realized that the little kids here have a fear of white people. They see me coming and they bolt off screaming.

I learned this week that there are only two missions in the church that are farther away than Mozambique. Madagascar and the French reunion islands off the coast off Madagascar. So imp a little bit of distance from home right?
Yesterday, we went to a part of our area that is an hour walk both ways. By the time we left it was already dark. So we walked through the African jungle in the pitch black. The thing is here, it doesn’t get dark over time. It could be light and then all of a sudden, BAM!!!!, it is night here. So it was a little scary.

That’s about it for now. Mom, can you send me pictures in the emails from Christmas. PLEASE. And check the status for the package and let me know.

I love you all so much. Thanks for the support.

Elder Sirrine