Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 33

Hi mom and everybody!

New years here was pretty good. We were only allowed to be out till like 6 in the evening. The temperature here on Christmas was about 105 degrees and 80% humidity, and New Years was about the same. So it’s been really hot here. I have been sweating like crazy. There were TONS of drunken people on the road. That why we had to come home early for. We stayed up till midnight and we watched the New Year come in here. Mozambique’s take it so granted that the new comes in. I think they are so grateful for just having another year of life.

That’s not good about the van. I hope it gets fixed.

No packages yet. I was thinking can you check the status of the package on the internet. I have been stressing a lot about my package. I hope I get it when I go to Beira in a couple weeks. And you know when you called and said you might send another package to Maputo, well if you haven’t already, there is a few things I need. A laundry stick cleaner that can clean sweat stains form white shirts, Deodorant from America, like old spice. The deodorant really sucks from here. More basketball shorts because mine aren’t doing to good. And dad will know where this is. But the type of journal paper that he uses. I’m starting to get low on mine. So that would be awesome. Another elder I was talking to said ups gets to Maputo really fast. And it’s only like 40 or 50 dollars for it. So maybe you can try that. And maybe recipes too.

This week I read Jacob 5. It took two days of study time for it. My brain is still a little confused about. Ha-ha.

I and another elder went lizard hunting from the water tower at our house. We would take our sandals and throw it at them to see if we could hit them. We have tons of little lizards around our house. We didn’t kill one but it was still fun regardless.
I also got a new plaque because my other normal one broke. So that’s always good.

How did people get sick at home?

Yesterday I gave a talk at church. It was the first time I have ever given a talk at church. I was nervous but I still was able to do it.

I was told if you guys come pick me up when I go home, you might have to pay for my way home. But I’m not sure I will find out later.

This week, at one of our investigators house, his 4 year old sister said to me ª elder Sirrine, you are my white manª it was so funny. She is just a little girl. I couldn’t help but laugh. This week I also changed a car battery. The people didn’t know how too. So it was nice to get my hands dirty a little with work.

On the 31st, we went to somebody’s house that lives out in the boonies. All six of the elders went. And she fed us. She fed us GAZELLE!!! It was SSSSSOOOOOO GGGGOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!! I love it. It tastes a lot like beef. I want to eat it again.

When we were going there, people were trying to sell us fireworks. But then they saw the police. I guess it’s illegal here for any random person to sell fireworks. You have to be a vendor. So they all ran and hide. It was so funny to see.

Yesterday we had 4 baptisms. Two of them were from our area. So the church here is growing for sure. It’s amazing how much they want to hear the gospel in this country. And on the way back were riding in the back of the truck. And I was in the very back. And we hit this hole in the road, and I fell out. Luckily I tucked and rolled. My elbow got scratched up and that’s it. Picture will be attached. And I also ate cow leg yesterday. It was NASTY! I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Well that’s about it this week. Make sure you have a good week. And let me know about the package info.

I love you all,

Elder Sirrine