Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Week 6 - Go Holland!!

GO HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Germany wins too so they could play each other. Last Friday we had a devotional Eight of the twelve apostles were here. Dallin H.. Oaks spoke to us. He is really awesome and it was really cool. This past Thursday me and my conmpanion taught our first lesson in Portuguese. It went alright. We are still not very good at the language but it will come too us. The marines in my distict are here because they recieved like temporary relief from the Marines or something. One is from San Deigo, the second is from Las Vegas, and the third is from Atlanta. We have someone who is from Kennewick Washington, South Carolina, Indiana, Mexico City, and from Tucson. All the rest are from Utah. On Wednesday there are more people coming to the MTC headed for Mozambique but I don’t know how. For our travel plans I think we get them in like a week and a half or two weeks or so. I leave for Africa three weeks from Monday. Everything is really is the same here in the MTC. It does not change a lot. Gym in morning, then breakfast, class, lunch, class, jantar, I mean dinner, then study. That is really what I have been up too. In my district there are three marines, an MMA fighter and two people whose dads were in the military in Germany Did either you or dad know people with the last name of Shnobrich? They lived in Germany the same time as us. I don’t know if Matthew got my letter I sent to him, but i need a new English Preach My Gospel. Mine is ruined..sorry! I also need a new language book. You know that little potuguese book you got me when I went through the temple? They don’t sell them here.. and if you did get it, I would need a purple one. I is for continental Portuguese and the one you bought, the green one, is for Brazilian Portuguese. Sorry but I can’t use it. If you can’t get them , maybe you can tell Matthew about it. Other than that, I really don’t need anything, unless there is something you want to send me ! So a little more about my district…ummm…the one elder from Mexico City cannot go with us to Mozambique because he was not able to get his visa. He is being assigned to Boston instead ( I am a little jealous because I would love to go to Boston). Our teacher who went to Mozambique on his mission said we will fly for a total of like 32 hours total. He said we will most likely fly to LA, then on to London. Then to Johannesburg and Maputo from there. It sound like a big adventure and I am really excited to go. We all get along really really good in our district. On Sunday I am going to made the senior companion so that is really cool! Other than that, nothing has happened. I love you all and look forward to those letters in the next couple of days. GO GO HOLLAND!!!!!! And Germany.

Elder Sirrine